Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Around 2 years ago, my husband and I purchased our first house.  Although it was a new development, (I watched it grow from the slab up) I have decided there is always room for improvement.  So weekend after weekend I give myself projects to complete, turning each detail of my house into something that reflects a little piece of me.  There just happens to be a lot of pieces that make up who I am.  I am quirky & happy, I enjoy bright colors.  The top of my list right now, chartreuse and teal.  I can also be very logical- I'm working on a minor in psychology.  That may be an explanation why I have always loved typewriters, big ugly books and tufted furniture (everything you might find on a fictional psychologist movie set.)  I also have a bit of a glamorous side to me.  Not old time Hollywood, but BOLLYWOOD.  Bright colors mixed with golds/silvers, ethnic prints- you should see my scarf collection.  I'm also a little bohemian, a free thinker- I like to live a rich flavorful life, even though it involves a lot of school.

When I walk into my house, I want it to feel alive, clever, sophisticated and a tiny bit glamorous. 

Bis dann!



  1. congratulations on so many things!! love your description of who you are and how you want your home to be. you sound like a fun girl, and i need those to make this process of making my home funner.

  2. Welcome to the FFA and the fun world of blogging! I love blogging about home decor and hope you do.