Hi, I'm Sherrell Cordas, wife, nerd, Star Wars fan .  In 2009 my husband Andy and I bought our first home in a suburb of Houston, Texas called Cypress.  Ever since we signed those papers and moved in, I have had an on-going art project on my hands.  I am determined to make our cookie cutter house in the burbs a little less cookie cutter and way more hip which is not as easy as it sounds.  We work full time, I go to college part time at UHD and we own two cocker spaniels, Prince and Toby.  I get what I can done without leaving the place in total disarray.
My Philosophy is your house is an extension of you, make it your own.  Be your own trend, you will be happier with your own place when it's what you want, not what someone else says you should.
 So, feel free to poke around the place and don't forget to check out my Pinterest site to see what inspires me.  Things are always happening and there are way too many paint colors in the world to stop me from leading a beige life.  Enjoy!
Also, please be advised, I use SkimLinks 

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