Monday, October 22, 2012

Ode to Thee: Mid Century Sofa, Southwestern Edition

Yes, I am still experiencing a love/hate relationship with my sofa.  Yes, I have said in the past that my hindsight is tufted  And yes, this post is about my love of mid-century sofas at this moment of time. Original or new, doesn't matter, it's how the sofa makes me feel.  Like I belong somewhere that had tacky carpet,  indoor smoking and women wearing bullet bras.   So sit back and enjoy my constant back and forth over sofas and my most recent obsession, mid-century.

Today I am obsessing over this little number called the Eisenhower Sofa and it can be found at Thrive Furnishings.  At $1799, it's pricey.  But it's totally awesome because there are several fabrics to choose from for the cushions, it has free shipping, the wood and the soft cushions are an excellent contrast and it's just an all around a bad ass.  The con I see aside from the price, 3 separate cushions, which means there's plenty of space for crap to fall between the cushions.

Just look at it, I would have to search for years to find something used here in Houston that was not already at this price.  I like the Omega Ivory and Cordova Amber for cushion colors.  One neutral and one a little risky but still neutral.  Here I paired it in Omega Ivory with navy Ikea curtains, a tribal Ikat rug from RugsUSA that has a little bit of Southwestern flair to it, bookends and pillows from Etsy, orange tulip chairs from West Elm, and coffee table and lamp from zincdoor.  Just look at this set up, makes me want to smoke, sip scotch and and maybe listen to a Peruvian Flute band. This is my take on Modern Southwestern featuring the Eisenhower Sofa.

I am digging the Modern Southwestern Motif.  Calls for fires, bar carts, expensive liquor, cigarillos and flutes of course. And I am also in love with the sofa.  Don't think it's in the college student price range, but perhaps one day I will be able to nab something like it for my own.  For now, more Spanish.

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