Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year, New Look, New Name

I might have just committed the cardinal sin of blog land. I changed my blog name. Why would I do this? Casadecordas was not easy to remember, not catchy and just not really me or our place. After an hour of talking it out with Andy and deliberating on names, the burban cookie came to light.

Apartment living got old.  FAST. So we moved into a town home/condo in Montrose. Not from Texas? Montrose is the home to one of the largest Gay Pride parades in the states. It’s the most eclectic, diverse, artistic part of the city. It’s also close to the city center which has it’s downfalls as well. We came to the conclusion it was time to buy a home. Sadly, homes in the inner city are expense. So to the burbs we went and found a new home in Cypress. By new, I mean it originally was a plot in a subdivision, so really freaking new.

So here we are, in Cypress, Texas. We went from one of the most liberal neighborhoods to one of the most conservative. Our house is a cookie cutter. There are several just like it in the neighborhood that only vary in small cosmetic details but it’s home, our first purchased home. This blog is ultimately about decorating my suburban cookie. It’s also about the world of d├ęcor and design that exists outside cookieville as well as great finds, DIY, tips and tricks when it comes to your place.

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