Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Madness- Welcome to my Adventures in Landscaping!

Good Morning to All!  Here we are, March in Southeast Texas and it's freaking gorgeous outside.  It's the perfect weather combination to go outside and get things done.  A couple of weeks ago I took out some bushes in the front yard because I felt they were to big and bulky.  This a couple of years back.  I'll throw a post up after the planting so you can see how large everything actually is.  The plants in orange circles are the ones that took a hike a couple of weekends ago.
I've also been working on the backyard here and there.  It's in way worse condition because we are very careless and it's a total dog hangout sometimes.  This year though Andy has said we will get it in better order.  Decidedly, I am going to add an additional garden spot in the middle of the backyard.  Our grass never really took off there and we're not going to throw down some crazy fertilizer because of the dog. The center piece for this said garden addition?  The Oklahoma Redbud.  This tree is freaking pretty and I think it will be a nice boost of color to the dismal place known as our backyard.

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