Saturday, April 27, 2013

Striped Walls+Bathroom

This is definitely one of those weekends where I know I should be productive but the rain and overcast sky is making me want to lounge around in my lounge-wear and accomplish absolutely nothing.  So far I've done a little laundry and I've cleaned my bathroom.  I know, exciting right?  While lounging around I decided to draw some preliminarily abstract chevron patterns for my bathroom.  Better to plan out the colors now, right?  Well, after drawing and scheming for about 15 minutes I decided "screw this."  The area I am painting is small and there is a toilet in the way.  So collectively I decided if drawing it on paper sucked, then drawing on a tiny wall that I can not move around is going to suck more.  As it stands right now, the idea of abstract chevron in my bathroom has been scratched.

Now, I am thinking stripes because I'm lazy and they are easier.  But do not deny the fact, that my heart is still set on a floral pattern if only a peel and stick that was affordable came in a floral.

I thought perhaps I could do different shaped horizontal stripes in different colors.  This way I could incorporate all those fabulous colors I want to without it being too repetitive.
Or perhaps I could keep it even more simple, do with white and two shades darker than the color.  Nice even stripes for a nice clean look. 
unknown source,
Or maybe I should go for something diagonal.  It would be more artistic and fun.  I could make them abstract like this using all those fabulous colors.
M Design Interiors
Or maybe symmetrical diagonal stripes. They are nice and safe.
Floto + Warner
Or maybe, just maybe, since I want floral I could always go for a birch tree wall stencil. Although this is wall paper, you get the idea. 
Jenny Wolf Interiors
Or a floral wall stencil from royal designs.  Crap I don't know, why can't something just chose me.  Maybe in the next couple of weekends I will have it figured out.
Flower Wall Stencil Rockin Roses Floral Damask Stencil for Custom Modern Wallpaper Effect Includes FREE Ceiling Stencil
Royal Design Stencils

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