Tuesday, April 23, 2013

West Elm Silver Sage Chairs

So you know when you have a reality check and your like...damn this is not going to work at all.  Crap.  Damn.  Crap.  That was me today.  Remember this chair? 
Yep, freaking sexy right?  Well after some thought today I figured the costs of two of these chairs and a college tuition bill do not go well together.  Especially when I still want to do other stuff around the house and have a life time to time.  The chair is amazing.  And not just this color, there are several other colors that are to die for.  But right now, it's not practical.  

So what is practical is an option with West Elm.  Affordable, stylish and slightly customizable.  Granted there are not a bazillion color choices like Bassett or EA but there are choices.  And as much as I love the deep blue, I already have them everywhere in the house.  So after some playtime, I am thinking Silver Sage might be a good color for our living room.  Here is what I came up with.
If you are going clockwise from the top left, Andy and I like the first and third.  One is pretty simple and waaaay more affordable than the Bassett one.  The other looks more comfortable but is also more expensive but still more affordable than the Bassett one.  The second is too short and the fourth is a shape that I can not fall in love with for some reason.  For the most part though, I think I will be adjusting my purchase and going with something more affordable.  I might not stick with the Silver Sage, it all depends on the day I visit the store.  But for now I am going to have to say good bye to the citron chairs in the living room.  I love them and I always will but I would also love to finish college in a reasonable amount of time.

So I guess it's back to the drawing board.

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