Saturday, July 20, 2013

Etsy Art Round Up

I've been on an Etsy binge lately.  An Etsy art binge to be exact.  Currently I am waiting for three different prints from three different artists to show up at my house.  Two from the US and one from France.  Eventually I will get to decide on some awesome frames and will have them hung up on my wall.  Crap I'm happy and I love to share happy with the masses so today I am bring you some of my favorite Etsy artists as of late.  Some of which have been picked up by West Elm and Pottery Barn.

1. printwork
I love how affordable her prints are.  Not only are there lots of colors and hip designs to choose from, she is quick with the shipping. I own two, prepare to see them in the living room later this year.
FREE SHIPPING Modern Linear Geometric Linocut Art Print / 6 x 6 Square Home Decor / Mint Green, Turquoise, Navy
2. ParametricDrawing
I had a Spirograph has a child and I totally wish at times I had one again as an adult.  Might be something I look for this weekend.  Her drawing are so intricate and pretty.  I haven't purchased an original yet, but in the future I could see having one of these. 
Rippling Water Original Ink Drawing Ballpoint Pen Drawing Green and Black Original Abstract Art Modern Geometric Circles Wall Art 12 x 9
3. selflesh
What happens when you have awesome embroidered images of anatomy and maps?  You end up in the West Elm 2013 catalog.    I love her work.  Andy loves her work.  I am waiting on a piece to arrive in the mail.  You should go buy something from her at once.
ARCHIVAL PRINT 'The Keeper' / map collage anatomy female figure globe earth arctic black blue thread
4. elisemahanfineart
I've also recently purchased a piece from her collection.  It hasn't arrive, but I am excited about it.  Her collection makes me think of this fairytale about space.  It's space but it's so feminine and cozy.
SALE construction of a nebula
I haven't made a purchased from her yet but I want to.  When I look at her collection all I can think is, pretty.  It's just so pretty and happy.  She also makes iphone and ipad cases.  

Light Through Trees - Art Print - 8 x 10- Open Edition - trees, foliage, sunlight, pink

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