Saturday, July 13, 2013

Olympic Plantation Moss

Olympic 8 oz Plantation Moss Interior Satin Paint Sample
Plantation Moss
The paint angels must be smiling down upon the Cordas household right now.  Yesterday We purchased two samples,Olympic Rain Cloud & Plantation Moss.  I threw them up on the wall next to the Portico and Plantation Moss looks freaking epic on my wall.  Andy likes it.  The color is awesome and I think we might have a winner!

Paint Close Up: From the left, Rain Cloud, Plantation Moss, Portico
The colors look much better in person, but you get the just of it.I like the rain cloud, but it's a little too white.  Today I am going to apply a second coat on these two just to make sure they are truly shining through.  Dudes I am excited.  If Plantation Moss looks good after today, I am going to paint a larger sample in the living room near my curtain area.  Also, I am switching to white curtains I am thinking, so I will probably throw some of those up too.  OH HAPPY DAYS!

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