Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time Warp- It's Saturday

Wow, there has been a total lap of time since I last threw up a post.  We've just been wrapped up with life.  A LOT has been going on.  Let's just say some stuff might happen in the near future which will affect a lot of crap and I will announce it as it happens.  For now, let's talk headboards.

I don't know when we purchased our mattress, maybe like June I think.  Since then, there has been no headboard.  I purchased a box spring cover from West Elm, new bed linens, pillows, the whole enchilada; but no headboard.  After staring at the wall and bed for roughly five months now, I have decided, finally, it's headboard time. 

Andy and I collaborated and thought about it.  After making a trip to Lowes last night and playing in the lumber aisles, we have a plan.  This morning I searched the internet and became inspired.  I am thinking next weekend we are going to make this happen.
Inspiration: Multi-Stained Wood Slat Headboard

Inspiration: Multi-Stained Wood Slat Headboard

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