Sunday, April 29, 2012

Backyard Update

Being that is it the end of the school semester, I have been busy with school which means I have not been busy with projects around the house.  This weekend I had every intention of moving three more plants for the great backyard project, laying down some landscape fabric and 10 more bags of mulch.  Yeah, none of this happened.  HOWEVER, I did learn how to use the lawn mower.  It only took 30 years, but I have mowed a lawn for the first time.  Also, I made a trip to World Market this weekend & I am pleased to announce that I have chosen yellow for the patio color.  A rich yellow makes a sunny place seem all the much more happier.  And how did I figure yellow was the answer to my outdoor color scheme?  Well a $20 outdoor 4x6 mat was the answer.  It is now the source of my inspiration for my outdoor space.

Once school ends, I plan to wrap things up outdoors before it gets too hot & my summer semester begins.  Next weekend I will update my outdoor table and possibly hang up some lights.  I need to move the three plants but first I think I am going to have to kill some grass- so we shall see where the journey takes me.  It's difficult to take care of the backyard musts instead of the fun projects but it's better to get the workload out of the way first before the fun stuff can continue.

 And now for your viewing pleasure, the back yard patio color scheme.  Now the chairs are not what I have in the back right now, but this image give you an idea. That yellow rug is the one I purchased from World Market.  I already have the string lights which are just boxed up in my garage & the table and spray paint are also around the house.  By re-purposing the items that I have, the whole project should be pretty cost effect.  Oh joy for savings!

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