Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Color Block & The Nookway

Ah Scotch Blue Tape, is there anything you can not accomplish?  Thanks to Pinterest, every lady in the fair world knows your use for hanging pictures.  Beautiful striped and chevron patterned walls are also made possible by you.  Now there there is the love of color blocked walls in the land of interior decorating.

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Colored blocked walls, or colored block anything for that matter, is the buzz right now. It's an awesome way to add color to the room if you are color timid.  Use it as faux wainscoting, to define space or to give architectural detail to your place if you are renting.  It's super cost effective and way easy to do with Scotch Blue Painters Tape (my own opinion here.)  The photo to the right uses a mixture of light and dark colors blocked together to create designated sitting space. 

Personally I enjoy the mix of the light and dark especially in small spaces with little light where a dark color would just absorb the life out of it.  By using a light color with a dark color block, you get your variance of color without feeling drowned.  Key in point, my nook way.

What I have termed my "nookway" is actually the tiny hallway space area that leads from the family room to my master.  For this small space,  I opted for a color block of a large horizontal stripe.  It is great having the dark and light color while also making the space seem a little roomier with the stripe.  You can not see from the photo but I also used the little grey on the ceiling to make it one cohesive area.  The two colors are from Sherwin Williams, Foggy Day and Samovar Silver.  Keeping colors within two shades of each other is an excellent way to keep things pulled together for a nice tidy look that doesn't require too much thought.

Want a color blocked wall of your own?  It's simple, even with textured walls.  Decide on a base coat for the wall(s).  Allow the base coat to dry.  Then use your painter tape to make sections on the wall for your blocks.  It's a great opportunity to be creative but remember to use a level to ensure your lines are straight.  Once you have your sections taped off, paint back over the tape with the base color.  This seals the tape.  Don't be shy, put some paint on that tape so it makes a secure seal.  Once this is coat is dry, then paint in the blocks.  Use sticky notes to keep up with multiple colors if need to.  Peel the tape when the paint is ready.  POW!  Color blocked walls in your castle.

More photos of the nookway transformation to follow.
Bis dann -S-

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