Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Amazing World Of Cork

While at enjoying my Thursday HomeGoods trip, I came across the cutest hot pads.  There were made of cork.  Well they were so cute and I was in need of hot pads, so they came home with me.

I then began thinking of the wonders of cork.  Personally I am not a wine drinker so I lack a cork collection that others might get to enjoy.  However, this does not cause a lack in my cork admiration.  Go to and search cork, you will find a plenty of items available.  11,202 items that presently pertain to cork to be exact. A lot of product variety that involves cork out there.  Here are a couple of favorites I found.

1. Recycled Cork Dormat, sarahracha @, $120
2. Basic Math Sign Coasters, Set of 7, Geekmodish @, $21.50
3. Drum Lamp Shade,, $160
4. Business Card Holder, sheeko @, $7

Aside from these items, there is also cork flooring which has been popular on HGTV and DIY Network.  The great thing about cork flooring is that it comes from a renewable resource.  It is also naturally fire retardant and repels insects.  It's soft to walk on and is also naturally a great sound barrier.  Cork flooring is also incredibly easy to install vs. other flooring options. Apartment Therapy has a great article on different places where you can purchase various types of cork flooring.  
I myself have an exciting cork project in the near furure which wil lbe posted upon completion.  Happy Weekend & Pinning!
Bis Dann- S-

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