Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FFA Challenge #4: The Tale of the Epic Coffee Table

Jeez Sherrell, where have you been?  WELL, let me tell ya.  School started.  Summer school that is.  Imagine taking 3 or so months of a class and cramming it into 6 weeks.  Yep, that kind of school.  Every day, roughly 3 hours after work till bed time I am on this here laptop slaving away at Mass Comm work.  In July, I start learning Spanish, woot!  Aside from that, two weekends of family gatherings.  Though in this time, this time of darkness let me reassure you, I have been scheming.  Oh yes.  Things are coming your way people.  And they are exciting.  First, let me introduce my project that I managed to squeeze in this last weekend while cleaning house, combating red wasp, yard work, school work and doing laundry.  It is my piece of Freaktastic Furniture for the FFA challenge #4. 
It all began like this.
Aren't they glorious?  A little known fact, wooden spools are hard to come by in Houston.  And these were almost stolen from me twice.  A hot commodity wooden spools are.  So when I brought them home last Friday, I was a happy girl.  Now I only needed one, but I am slightly greedy to the fact that I took two, but a less evil since I offered one to anther couple.  So then Saturday was devoted to making them freaktasticly awesome.  Come today they went from that to this in 3 easy steps.
1. I sanded the crap out of them.  Using 60 grain first then 150 following.  
2. I applied stain & poly.  Minwax Dark Walnut and a satin poly.
3. Gold-leaf on the top edge.  From this I can tell you that gold-leafing is a total pain in the patootie.  Lucky for me because I sucked it came out all distressed like I wanted it to.  

I love LOVE the new table.  It's the perfect height and it looks amazing.  It's a little industrial, a little old world charm, a little fabulous.  It makes the room look very happy.
 And as an added bonus, here is some cuteness.
This weekend, no homework & no yard work- I'm going to enjoy myself
Bis dann, S 

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