Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Livingroom Redo- Curtains & Pillows Unite!

While I did not have time this weekend to take on any paint or furniture projects, I did have time to add curtain rings & I found pillows!  The curtain rings I found a Lowe's.  They didn't break the budget & they fit the rod much better than others I tried.  I love the way they look with the curtains, I just need to raise the curtain rod today.
Wednesday I paid HomeGoods a visit for some pillows.  Usually I walk into my HomeGoods & I see a bazillion things that I love.  Wednesday, not so much.  Actually it was a waste of drive time.  No pillows, no lamps, no randoms decor elements, nothing!  Well not nothing, I did see a tray table similar  to this but I was not paying 80 bucks for it. So I went home empty handed.  The following day I decided to go to Target.  While I was there, the employees were in a tizzy marking down items from the home decor area.  That's when I saw it.  A pillow.  One I had seen before & fancied.  One that I couldn't justify spending the money on because technically it was half a pillow, a lumbar pillow.  I saw the little orange clearance tag on it.  I picked up the pillow and to my delight, $11.98 down from $22.98.  OH FREAKING AWESOMENESS!  My first thought, MINE!  And I knew just what pillow it would match there.  Another I had my eye on and had the spare cash to get it this week.
They are fabulous, I love them.  I just need to find one more that's majority is a dark blue & the pillow journey will be complete.  More than likely I will end up sewing that one since I have had a difficult time finding them.  That won't be today though.  Today will include Mass Comm homework, laundry, moving a curtain rod & of course, dinner with the mister.  Today is our 6 year anniversary.  I wouldn't change a thing, he is fabulous, makes me laugh & is quick to make dinner when I have a lot of school work.  He is awesome & looks pretty hot in his hockey gear.
Bis dann!

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