Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pillow Talk & the Four-Legged Mafia

The wall color looks great.  The rugs, I adore them.  My curtains- happy times!  The couch....it causes great sadness in the force.  I love loved my couch. A smaller sectional which is composed of a love seat and adjoined chaise.  It's a cream color woven fabric.  It was great until this guy came.

Walter came into our lives by accident.  I didn't want a cat.  I was content with a dog.  I loved my leather sofa.  But when I saw him pop his little head out of a build-a-bear box in the mall on his way to the shelter, I couldn't let him go there.  So he came home with me & thus began my 15 year investment in this little guy.

SO the sofa.  I didn't want to de-claw him.  And I tried those gel nail covers.  But he's a boy cat with a lot of attitude, so he runs around this place like it's his own personal playground.  So needless to say the couch has suffered some injuries, especially on the three largest corners.  Well being that it is only about 3 years old, over the weekend I looked into having it reupholstered in something more durable.  $800 is what I am looking at to fix this baby up.  And no couch for 1-2 weeks I might add.  Considering that is almost half of what I paid for the couch, I decided no since the couch may not follow us to our next home.
Pillows via Etsy.com

http://img0.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.312613336.jpgSo here I am, trying to brain storm on what to do to improve the condition of the couch as of now & what pillows I should add to it to distract attention from the horror that awaits you at each corner.  My curtains have a pattern.  I have a patterned rug atop a woven wool/sea grass rug.  I currently own two grey velvet pillow & I have no clue where to go from there.  I was looking on Etsy & found these little navy chevron gems.  I just don't know if I want to wait for them to get here all the way from Indonesia. In addition to the wait, I don't want my living room to look like a hut out of Indonesia so I feel I need to keep the Ikat to a minimal.   Then I thought to myself maybe I could go for some Batik pillows.  It would offer something more than Ikat but with a similar pallet.  Plus I think I might know someone who might want to donate some Batik fabric to the cause.   Or maybe I should stick to paisley.  Oh the drama and choices!

After searching through Etsy & a multitude of fabric stores I still don't know where I sit with the pillow situation.  With school now in full swing, a family event this weekend and 100 degree weather already here I just really want it all to be done.  I will just have to wait though and be patient.  Perhaps my long overdue trip to HomeGoods this week will shed some light on the situation.  Since that is where the chartreuse/navy rugs came from perhaps my answer will be there after all.

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