Saturday, June 2, 2012

Livingroom Redo- The Curtain Legend Continues

The weekend is here.  It is the end of a hectic week & the beginning of another.  With my parents coming into town Sunday & plans with friends tonight, I have little to no room for the Living Room.  So during the week I worked on curtains.

I have been in curtain limbo.  Solid or print?  Sheer or lined?    I was in a tizzy.  The only thing I was sure about was my budget and not wanting grommets.  The currents curtains were actually a set that I love.  They were Thomas O'Brian from Target & they only cost me roughly $11 a panel.  They were on major clearance and I had been eying them for a long time when I got them.  After starting the living room redo I decided that I needed something more for the wall. So I have been on the hunt.  First there were the Target Curtains.
Now I love Target with ALL my heart.  And I love the prices of the curtains because they left me some wiggle room for other projects.  Sadly though, none of these fellows worked.  The solid was too solid.  The middle was too sheer and you could really see the medallions against my beige wall.  The grey with white made me realize I needed something printed just without the white.  This may shock you, but the only white in the room is the blinds. After returning these, I started thinking of my options.
Option 1: Sew my own.  Easy said.  But with a budget of $150 for curtains, I could not spend any more than about $11.50 per yard on fabric.  I scoped out JoAnns, but they want an arm and leg for decor fabric.  Then there is Glicks & High Fashion Home. That would be what is possibly on the project list for this weekend.
Option 2: Stencil or dye the current curtains.  Well dyeing in a front load sounds like a real pain, so I axed that idea.  And the stencil.  The likelihood of me jacking up stenciling my current curtains was high.  So I decided to save that for an experimental day with cheap curtains.
Option 3: Go to JCP & look at their drapes.  Which is what I did.  And this is what I brought home.
The Cindy Crawford collection is great affordable items for those looking for modern glam in their lives.  She has some beautiful lamps and several different curtains to choose from.  Everything is very reasonably priced compared to competitors. So far I am pretty happy with these Kya drapes.  I had my heart set on something with a navy blue but these 4 drapes fit right into the budget.  I haven't decided if I want curtain rings yet to hang them from since that would breech the budget and take away from something else.  Also, I would have to raise the rod up in order to do so.  It's something I have wanted to do, but as of this morning, I lack the will-power. 

So there you have it, the "end" of my curtain limbo.  Window treatments can be expensive and a hassle.  Here is a guide to help with the process from RealSimple that I pinned.  If you are budgeted like myself, I advise a lot of price comparison with the big box stores.  Find a store with an easy return policy if you are as indecisive as I am.  JCP takes back anything, any time.  There is not limit.  Target and Lowe's are 90 days.  Also I can tell you for curtain hardware, Target his the most cost effective, but lacks in variety.  JCP is slightly more expensive than Target but has a huge variety. Lowe's has the longest rods I have found available at the big box stores.  Well good luck with all your curtain adventures & if anyone has any other suggestions on affordable curtains and hardware, please share!

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