Monday, May 28, 2012

This Place, My Living Space...Day 2

Well the living room painting and batten installation was a great success!  I love the color & decided to keep it to two walls in the living room instead of making everything one pallet  I also decided to keep one of the brown accent walls for some pizazz.  Next weekend I plan to take care of the small hallway- nook area the leads into our bedroom and paint over the brown that surrounded the pantry door.  
Next weekend I am also on the hunt for curtain/pillow fabric.  After searching all the stores in Cypress for something to complete my windows I concluded that sewing my own will be the way to go unless by chance I stop by West Elm and something blows my mind.   I have sold myself on a paisley since it naturally compliments Ikat.  I want something that will compliment my ultra fabulous rug but isn't too granny looking.  SO I shall see what I come up with on next weekends search.

The hallway/ nook us also an exciting project.  Since I collected several different paint sample trying to decided on a living room color, I have plenty to choose from.  I am thinking a stripe pattern.  I also purchased a new walls sconce for the nook as well.  It's an out door fixture, but it's almost exactly what I wanted, it just needs a couple of modifications.  

Also, I am still waiting on my free "coffee table."  This weekend I found a pretty rad table, it was very SILVER.  I refrained from making the purchase and found two hockey books for the Mister while I was at Tuesday Morning.  They were 1.99 each and totally make his day.  
All in all it was a good weekend & I can not wait until next.

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