Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Place, My Living Space

This weekend marks the beginning of the living room make over.  The colors: navy, rust & chartreuse.  I am also throwing in some ikat to go with all my Indonesian goods.  I also plan to take care of the tiny nook/hallway to my bedroom.  So without further delay, my living room day 1.

this place, my living space

Battens without the board you say?  Why yes, yes it is.  The Mister and I decided that an architectural element was needed on the wall to offset the deep color I had chosen.    For the battens, Lowe's was nice enough to cut down 1/8"sheet of plywood for me into 3" board.  I ended up with 15.  I sanded and primed them & then took to installing.  No power tools.  Just me, a miter box, hammer and nails.  Tomorrow, I will reveal more.
Bis Dann!

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