Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Change in Plans

Well it's Wednesday.  Hump day.  Paycheck preview day.  Usually the day I dream about going to HomeGoods the following day.  However, since I am not in class ATM and I had some free time, I decided HOMEGOODS TODAY!  So off I went after work.  Making my rounds I landed up in the rugs department when this fellow was sitting there, like a beacon in the night.  Shining. Glorious.  More Chartreuse than I could ever imagine.  Another plus, it also had navy which is a color in my living room plan.  There were other rugs too, like the blue one pictured I had picked up from TJ Maxx.  I was in a whirlwind of excitement from all the rugs.  The colors.  The patterns.  The great prices!  I had to text the mister for back up.  Mind you I already had the death grip on the rug of wonders when he called.  I texted him a photo & he agreed, the chartreuse rug was amazing.  So, it came home with me.


So, this now changes everything.  The original color choice for the area is out the door now.  The rug is officially the anchor of the whole get-up. 
And as you can see, the rugs was well received by the four-legged mafia that runs this place. 

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