Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Weekend Find

Ah Thursdays, the day before Friday, the day before I say "F this place I'm out of here!" Well, at least until I am re-summoned again on Monday morning.  For those who do not know, Thursdays are usually HomeGoods day.  However, today I decided to hurry home so I could take my first Spanish test and start the classwork free weekend a day early.  Yeah, not happening.  First class where the professor actually does not open the whole weeks assignments up at one time.  When he says the test is July 20, he means it.  Regardless, it does give me a moment to share my last weekend find.

The husband and I went out to a couple of places this past weekend including Hancock Fabrics and ReStore.  We also stopped by this little antique/thrift shop called Vintage on Jones Road.  Look what momma found for less than 10 bucks.
Scalloped brass bowl, you make me warm inside.  The bowl does not have any contents at the moment.  Who's to say it ever will.  All I know is that it was fabulous, pretty dang cheap and has soft edges that mingle well with the cabinet it lives on. The cabinet, if you're interested, came from Indonesia, a gift from my in-laws.
Yellow, green and red adorn this house of booze.   Perhaps the new scalloped bowl will hold something to correlate with that.  Either way, every thing in this corner of the house lived happily ever after...for now.

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