Friday, August 24, 2012

Hotel Icon

Between finals at school and all of the Mister's family staying at our place for a wedding, I have been very busy.  With that being said, I didn't have any time for projects the last two weekends.  This weekend I plan on relaxing and playing a little catch-up before the new semester starts Monday.  However, just because I did not have a chance to work on some design aspects of my house doesn't mean I wasn't paying close attention to details.  Case in point, Hotel Icon located at 220 Main St.  in downtown Houston.  This hotel was formerly a bank on the first floor and I guess office/hotel rooms above it.  It is an art deco haven and I was sadly without my camera we do that, we leave our new camera at home all the time so I had to use what was on hand, the Mister's Droid 3.
Just look at all this wonderful paneling done in a pale blue and the fabulous trellis carpet.

The bathroom had the most beautiful marble and the vanity/mirror/cabinetry was the same blue as the paneling and moldings.  The wallpaper was a grey and blue geometric pattern.

The room had beautiful crown molding in the same room, a great desk, fabulous nail-head window cornices and the cutest upholstered blue nail-head benches.

The lobby was also magnificent. Sadly, the pictures on the phone came out lousy. You will just have to believe me when I say all the original details of the bank were awesome. The stairwell, the elevators, even the original vault door. This hotel was incredibly designed minus the cow skinned furniture in the lobby (I guess they had to throw in some Texas.) I highly recommend you to visit the hotel or perhaps stay the night.  Valet parking is $28 bucks for the night, the train is right there and I believe my in-laws purchased their room for around $100 bucks for a Saturday night!  I also hear the beds were very comfortable. Till next time!

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