Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Diningroom & Hallway Redo

A good evening to everyone.  This weekend I started toying with ideas for the dining room/ hallway project.  It's one of the last rooms in the house and it's the first place in the house you see when you enter.  So, it has to be fabulous on a budget.  This weekend I messed around with some paint chip gathering and mirror/lamp combinations.  Granted I haven't made to HomeGoods in a while so I know my choices can change.  I have budgeted around $300 for the whole space which doesn't leave me a whole lot of cash for totally awesome crap I find on the internet.  Plus that budget includes paint which I am looking at close to 3 gallons I think.

Here are a couple of boards I came up with.  The background colors are paint choices.  Thus far I am town between a green or a greige.  Something that compliments the Tempe Star blue in the living-room and nothing too dark since the lighting in the project space is far from awesome.  I know I will be creating some kind of cork table linens and the white dishes, I already own as well as the buffet, the chandelier, the large abstract painting and the dinning set.  It's now just a matter of pulling together items that make the space cohesive.  Thus far, I am leaning towards Board ONE
Board ONE:
 Board TWO:

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