Saturday, September 1, 2012

Curtain Post- The Sequel That Shouldn't Have Happened

Good afternoon to all, today I am writing in full remorse of my last curtain purchase.  I was so thrilled about them, I was optimistic about reupholstering my sectional and making all the ends come together.  You might remember my curtains from JCP.

We have since decided that at the end of the year we are going to purchase a new car (woo woo) and at the beginning of next year, we are upgrading to a king size bed.  With these two purchases coming into play plus 2-3 planned trips out of Texas in 2013, I have decided we would be better off to not reupholster the sectional.  In addition to all that, we don't know where our next place will be.  The sectional is large and  more than likely will not make the next move with us in the next 3-5 years.  We collectively decided this was the best decision and that more laminate flooring in the house on a later date is a better investment.

Well now I've found myself where I was not that long ago, in need of curtains.  Luckily, the fabulous Emily Henderson just did a blogpost about inexpensive ready made drapes.  The usual suspects for these drapes were named however, something I had not seen before was linked.
WERNA Pair of curtains IKEA Densely-woven fabric makes the curtains effective at blocking out light. 
 Shut the front door!  Where were these when I was looking for something affordable & blue.  Apparently I looked them over or just decided to ignore them.  Whatever the reason, I have decided these could possibly be the curtains to make my dreams come true.  Way more affordable that similar ones at west elm.  Plus they are 96" which means I can custom hem the lenght. I can visualize them, can you?

The JCP ones?  I still plan to keep them. I eyed them for so long, it was only a matter of time.  They are great and I love the pattern and colors.  I plan to move them in my bedroom and make them apart of the final bedroom project.  I've decided for that room, I'm going to tone down the color and give a more neutral palette for will be more enticing for buyers when we sell the place.  
Till next time.

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