Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Favorite Things: Room for Color & Target Update

SO unless you've been living in the Amazon, the Apartment Therapy Room for Color contest kicked off a couple of weeks ago. I submitted my living room and it was chosen! Since then, I have been plastering my living room on several different social media sites in hopes of receiving the win in my color category. To all those who joined and favorited my living room, thank you so much! If you haven't, well what the hell are you waiting on?  As of this morning I was still sitting at fifth place.  This isn't winning, but it says something to me, 88 people so far have found my living room to be pretty.  This of course is a huge compliment considering the photos lacked some quality.  We have a point and shot camera, no NatGeo photographers in this house.  In case you haven't made it over to favorite me, here's the link:

 I have added the pictures I submitted under the My Home tab in case you despise Apartment Therapy but still would like to see what's going on at the Cordas household.

And if you have been living in the Amazon, you might not know that Nate Berkus is going to have a line very very soon at Target.  October 21st I believe is the launch date.  Here is a website that has several pieces that will launch from his collection on the 21st. And what did I notice about his collection?  Well the turtle shells.  I recently came across a real turtle shell at Round Top last weekend.  Mine cost me 10 bucks, I am interested in the cost of his.  There is also the hammered gold/brass bowls that I am looking forward too.

Aside from the Nate Berkus launch, there is also a new wave of stuff at Target called Threshold.  It is the new in-house brand that replaces Target Home.  I freaking love this stuff!
Here are some of my favorites:

Set of 4 Gold Muggs: $15.99
Southwestern Storage: $12.99
Orange Storage Box: $12.99

Captains Mirror: $29.99
Bath Collection: $9.99-$19.99
Metal Glacier Frame: $14.99

These items are great. Of course Threshold will be updated according to seasons.  Target anticipates a full roll out of the brand by Spring time.  For now, I love all the plaid, southwestern and brass motifs currently available on store and in line.  I keep staring at the gold mugs wondering if I should or shouldn't.  The frame was hard to leave behind the other day.  It's way more awesome in person.  Been to Target lately?  Wanna share your favorite new items?  Link up baby! 

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