Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round Top Recap

Now that I officially have a smartphone, I've been telling myself one of the great benefits is that I can snap photos of anything I see that inspires me.  So, while at RoundTop yesterday, I was paying so much attention to everything I completely forgot to use this benefit.  Go me.  You could say there was a lot going on, I was completely wrapped up in all the wonderful wonderful stuff from one end of Highway 237 to the other end.

Since we got there on the last day, a majority of the awesome furniture had to be picked over.  The stuff that was there was over priced and belong in the house of someone's dear old Aunt Maggie.  I saw a couple of chairs, but they were singles and I know I am looking for a set of chairs.  Lamps were far and few between.  There were tons of vintage suitcases like this:
1930's Black Suitcase - Shwayder Denver - Later Becomes Samsonite - Amazing Find - Rustic With Loads Of Character
MyOtherMind @

I did not check the prices, but I would say there were priced at current retail and not very negotiable.  Antlers were everywhere as were tons of industrial pieces which were basically very over priced wood pallets adorned with metal.  There was also plenty of shops that were full of pieces that you would find at Restoration Hardware set at the same price. A lot of old European linens as well.  I ended up bring home some excerpts from geology books from 1780, 1880 & I believe 1860.  The colors and rock depictions are great in the pages I purchased.  This week I plan to take them to be framed so I would prefer to share them when they are in their new full glory.  I also found two other pieces of art which cost me $15 that I will share when they are re-framed.  I also found a turtle shell and a cute little industrial storage drawer.
Bottom line, we had a great time. In the spring I would take a day off during the week to find some great furniture.  Now, I can start my dining room project pending a trip into Montrose to check out some vintage shops there for a set of lamps or a mirror. Maybe next weekend.  Also, I soon plan to invade my brother's girlfriend's house to take care of updating her dining room.

I would also like to add a reminder to vote for my living room in Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest.  I have some serious competition and can use all the help I can get.  It's simple to join Apartment Therapy in order to vote in the contest.  Just follow the link below!

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