Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amazing DIY Shelving Wrap Up

Another week without projects.  I keep telling myself, Round Top will be worth it.  And it will be.  I just have two more weeks.  In the meantime, I have been exploring shelving options   In the last 3 months or so I purchased an Ikea Expedit unit for my bedroom.  Hold baskets of clothes, books and other knick-knacks.  Can't say I am 100% satisfied with it, but I know it will serve its purpose for a while and can be used in different locations.

While surfing the internet in between homework time, I have come across some amazing DIY shelving out there which I plan to share today 'cause I'm not greedy-everyone needs some awesome shelving options in their lives.

1.Vittsjo Shelving Hack via Centsational Girl
That Kate is such a freaking genius.  Would I have thought about taking out the glass inserts and replacing them with wood for a more industrial look.  No.  Painting it white maybe- but the glass no.  These shelves are completely affordable.  Here is the link to the Vittsjo collection at Ikea, all of which you can turn into your own industrial piece for your place at a stellar price.  The unit also looks great painted gold like at pencil shaving studios  or as a fun bright color.

vittsjo shelving ikea hack
2. Crate Shelving via retropolitan
By collecting enough 40% off coupons from Michael's  and making multiple trips with a couple of friends, you can use inspiration from Erika's page to create your own crate shelving unit for dirt cheap!  This look can be turning into something industrial, something shabby or even country.  No Michael's in your area?  You poor thing!  Maybe try re-purposing wood pallets as crates or checking at a farmers market for used ones.


Baileys Home and Garden

3. Industrial Pipe Shelf Unit via the brick house
Morgan from the brick house installed this totally amazing industrial shelf at her place for around $200 bucks.  While it might require a little more expertise compared to the previously listed projects, it looks amazing and is something that can be retro fitted to any size you might need.  You can also make it something colorful with ombre shelves or bright pipes with glass shelving.

the brick house

4. Rope Shelf via my home ideas
 You can call it nautical, industrial or just cute.  I call it ingenious.  A shelving unit that can be completely customized on the wall to take up less space on the floor.  You could consider using pallets for this projects or even crates!  Rope is fun, adds texture and is way affordable.  The window treatments in this image are also fabulous.

Stylish Shelves for Less
Southern Living

Well there it is, a round up of some awesome shelving projects to help you out organzing all the crap in your life.  Sure, you could always declutter, but a new project is always more fun.

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