Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Favorite Things: Petrie Sofa & Ikea

What a long weekend.  We went to Ikea, World Market and Target.  We also helped my brother in law clean out his storage unit.  From that adventure we were lucky to come home with a new sofa.  A Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel.  We also brought home an Indonesian chicken coupe, an Indonesian desk and a small three tired shelf.  The laters which I will share pictures with next time.  But for now, the sofa.
The color is a lighter chocolate color which isn't available any more. Regardless, it was free, it's mid-century inspired and it is in way better condition that our current sectional.  This weekend we also went to Ikea.  All the new fall favorites from the internet were out on display.  Surprisingly, the Strandmon was not a favorite.  The blue was not awesome, the grey was just ok.  Not worth the price tag.  I really liked the Storsele, $119:

And the Mellby, $249, in the yellow/green:
The photo here doesn't do the Mellby any justice. The green is way cuter in person. Almost a dark chartreuse which is one of my all time favorite colors.

We also picked up an industrial inspired ceiling lamp for the bathroom, but when I got home I figured out it was not hardwired which means it has to go back and I probably will have to spend more to get the lamp I want.  But the Foto is a cute lamp if you need a plug in.

There was also this rug, Soften, $24.99, which I can't seem to find a place for in my house.  The dark charcoal grey color is really great and it has cream colored strips.  I want it to work in my house, but I can not think of a home for it.  Perhaps in my bedroom when I finally make the laminate flow into there. 

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