Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Favorite Things: Star Wars & Target

Wow.  What a long week.  Usually Fridays I am a little amp'd up about what's going to happen for the weekend.  Tonight, no.  I misspelled several words on my Spanish test, went to Target and over indulged on a 3 clearance Halloween cookies after my salad.  Now I am just ready to call it quits for the evening.  I'm done and I have a crappy outlook on how much time I have left for school.  I think the main reason I feel this way is Spanish.  It's screwing up my GPA and I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on most of the time.  I am not looking forward to the next two classes, that's for sure.  Hell, at this rate I am thinking that I should NOT take that winter lit class and just focus on practicing Spanish.

School aside, this week while searching the internet between homework assignments and visiting Target, I cam across some pretty awesome stuff I would like to share with you.  

First, my finds at Target.  I love the fact that Target comes out with stuff season after season that can be for almost any season.  Plus, this Christmas they're collaborating with Neiman Marcos to introduce items that were designed by some pretty high end designers- hello Oscar de la Renta!

Also, I was looking online and I found a totally rad StarWars collection for little boys at Gap.

Speaking of StarWars, I also came across some very epic StarWars Art from Conceptionstudios via Etsy. I haven't decided which print(s) I am getting, but Andy says he's buying so, lucky me.

That pretty much sums up my day. Web browsing, Spanish test spelling fail and clearance cookies. I know tomorrow will be more exciting. Tomorrow is High Fashion Home Day. I think there might also be some spray paint involved.  Night!

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