Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mood Board- Bedroom, Coral & Grey

I have decided that the accent color of my bedroom will be coral.  Pretty excited.  There isn't anything else in the house this feminine so I am glad I can throw it into the bedroom.
Since I am keeping the white/ charcoal thing that is already happening in the room as well as all of my worldly possessions, I wanted a color that could be modern, natural and fresh.  I already have plenty of green shades in the house.  And yellow is not something I usually choose, even in my wardrobe. (HINT:  If a color looks not so hot on you, don't try and force it into your house, you'll never be happy with the results.)

I look great in coral.  I like coral lipstick.  It naturally compliments navy and olive green.  It can be modern when paired with grey and the color occurs naturally in nature.  It's feminine when paired with white. I think it's a natural choice for the bedroom.  Also, the floor tiles in the bathroom have the red-orange coral color inside it.  So bonus there.

I am ready for some coral and grey in 2013, who needs emerald green anyhow?

Melanie Coddington

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