Saturday, January 5, 2013

Color Advice for Living Spaces

Chartreuse  Dark Blues Greys  Teal  Rusty Oranges Olive Green

That pretty much sums up my favorite colors.  Of course I enjoy seeing hints of fuchsia, corals and metallics with my favorite colors.  Those and occasionally mustard yellow.  But for the most past I have been enjoying these colors for a long while, in fashion and in home.  Knowing your colors is essential if you want your house to feel like your home.  I will never have a red dining room or purple living room.  They are not me.   I can not force them to be regardless of the trend.  2013 is emerald green and although I do love Olive Green, emerald green is just not becoming with me. 

Using the neutral version of your favorite colors on the walls in living spaces is usually the better route. A whole room of chartreuse would be overwhelming.  Choosing a neutral version of chartreuse would be easier on the eye and your many other things if you want to sell your place one day. And just by going neutral on the walls doesn't mean you can't not have something as an accent with a very saturated color.
Kitchen to laundry idea

You don't have to be tied down to blah blah beige.  I believe that if you fill your home with your signature colors, you will also fill it with some positive energy.  This energy will be felt by you, family, friends, guests and potential buyers if you decided to put your house on the market.  Just remember to keep your signature colors on the neutral side when it comes to the living spaces so it doesn't seem too personal if you do decide to list.

gallery wall

Also it is important to have an understanding of room size and lighting and how they effect the color.  I have a deep neutral blue on my living room walls called Sherwin Williams Tempe Star.   I also have 7 windows and 10 foot ceilings.  The space and amount of natural light balance with the paint color so the room does not feel like a cave.  My dining room, the opposite.  10 foot ceilings and no natural light.  Anything too dark would make it feel cave-y.  If you are insisted on being a cave golem, maybe keep the living room in a grey and the black in the bedroom.

grey walls/colorful Eames chairs.

When it comes to bedrooms and bathroom, I believe they are your own personal living space.  Therefore, you should make them your own.  Add your quirks,  your signature colors, your comforts.  Only you and those closest should be in that space. Just remember that if you ever decide to put your place of the market, that space will also make a difference when it comes to selling.  So choosing something permanent in a crazy color might not be the best idea.

Ben Moore color trend 2013

These are just suggests and opinions.  I have not gone to school for design/decorating/real estate.  If looking for professional advice, chances are it will cost you some cash and you can always pay me, I love cash.  All images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest site,

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