Saturday, January 5, 2013

The DiningRoom To-Do- Version 1.5

After weeks of paint samples, failed colors and almost saying screw it, I think I have settled on a color.  The only problem is that it's been so grey and overcast in Houston for a while.  Then there has been rain.  So the normal natural light the shines throughout the house as been on the dim side.  That and usually when I find the color, it's like THIS IS IT!  THIS WEEKEND, LET THERE BE PAINT!  Yep, rainy cold weather and walls that border the exterior/ garage walls would take forever to dry in this weather.  Well not forever, just not as quickly as I would like it to.  So without further adieu, the color.

Paint Color SW 6408 Wheat Grass from Sherwin-Williams
Sherwin Williams Wheatgrass

So I am thinking this is it.  Not too dull, not too bright.  Compliments my living room which is Sherwin Williams Tempe Star.  So what do you think?  Has anyone ever used Wheatgrass and justed loved/ hated it?  I would love to see a link to your Wheatgrass walls.

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