Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Free Tufted Sofa & It's Issues

So my brother in law gave me a Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel.  That's right, gave me a free tufted mid-century inspired sofa.  Here it is.  Pay no attention to everything else around it.

Currently, I have this sofa which did not last as long as I would have liked it.

Then I also own a leather Ethan Allen loveseat which is in the same room with the C&B sofa.  Which means right now I technically own three sofas.  Count 'em, three.  I also have this inky blue color on my living room walls which I love deeply.
And this is what I would like to see my living room looking like one day but with chartreuse instead of orange.  Fresh crisp inky blues with creams or whites. 
navy living room

Then again, I have this free brown sofa.  So maybe I need to go with something more like this.
Andy likes the comfort of the cream sectional.  I like the tufted goodness of the brown sofa.  I also love my blue walls which I don't plan on getting rid of.  Plus I don't want to put the money into reupholstering the sectional.  I could keep my brown sofa and get a new rug and new chairs for less than an upholstery job.  Looks like Andy might be losing this battle.  In the end we would both win, I wouldn't be repainting the living room since my Sherwin Williams Tempe Star works in both ways.

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