Sunday, February 3, 2013

Industrial Media Console Part 1

Well, the TV was on its way out the door for the last 3-6 months.  This weekend, we decided to breakdown and buy a new one.  I was fine with the size we had or a 55 inch.  Andy, he was fine with a 60 inch.  So we left Best Buy with a 60 TV.  The problem now?  That 60 inch TV was not fitting into our IKEA Besta unit.  

The solution?  Well, I didn't want to spend any serious cashola.  And I didn't want to make Andy wait to hook up his new baby.  So originally I planned to make something that had a little industrial flair.  Then I was like, duh just use a prefab industrial shelf.  So we went to Home Depot and this is what we came home with.
The shelf inserts are this terrible particle board so I also purchased some birch and had it cut down to the size needed for the  inserts.  Right now they are in the garage going through the stain & top coat process.  Hopefully tomorrow night I will have them inside the unit.  Will I have a picture of the new unit?  Not likely.  This upcoming weekend we are going to the flea market so who knows what fabulous items I might find.  So perhaps next Sunday photos. Part 2

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