Thursday, February 14, 2013

Industrial Pendants

Well Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there.  Andy and I do not celebrate.  Tonight though I though I would end his week for him with a bang since it's been a tough one.  So being the totally awesome freaking wife, I surprised him with his favorite Belgium ale and some Reese's Pieces.  Yep, wife of the year here dudes.

I am fininshing up a communication course this weekend and then from here on out it's just two classes that stand in my way of UHD.  I don't think I actually have a challenge in front of me until August.  It's going to be nice.  I have plans for Round Top and Canton.  I want to finish my dining room, finish some stuff around my living room and master bedroom and fix that monstrosity of  back yard.

Today I purchased some small black industrial pendants.  Do I need them right now?  No.  Was it a good deal?  Yes.  Will I find a place for them in the future?  Yes.  Will the y always remain black?  Good question, only time can tell on that one.  But for 6.99- hey why not?

via West Elm

Look how much fun they could be in a fun color over a table.
via Bright Bazaar
Or in a bed room
via Pinterest, unknown source
With a buffalo picture looming in the background.  Oh yes.

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