Sunday, February 17, 2013

IKEA Hack- JÄLL DIY Industrial Butler Tray Part 1

Bart carts.  Are they still cool?  Or are the so 2012 already?  Regardless, I like them.  Sadly, they serve me no purpose.  Butler trays, now I can find more purpose for them.  I can also kind-of afford them.  My cheap nature gets in the way so I decided to make one even though I don't need it.

This is where the IKEA JÄLL comes into play.  It's a laundry hamper, it's freaking cheap (4.99) and ya know, it sort of resembles the base for a butler tray.  Cue light bulb above head here.

I searched everywhere for a wood tray that would fit the JÄLL but I could find one so I decided I was just going to have to make it on my own.  I decided the tray was going to be 16" x 18" so it would cover the frame of the JÄLL.  I had Lowes cut down a piece of wood to 16" x18".  I also purchased 5 1/2x2x2 poplar craft boards to take and cut down my self using my handy dandy miter box.

At home I cut the poplar craft board into two sizes.  Two at 18" and the other at 15".  I gave everything a nice sanding with 110 followed by 220.  Now it was time to assemble the tray.

First I attached the 18" poplar board to the corresponding side on the tray.  I used wood glue and let them set and dry for 30 minutes.  Then I did the sane attaching the 15" pieces.  I let dry for 30 minutes and then I hammered in some finishing nails into the bottom of the tray as well as into the sides of the 18" pieces so everything would have a little more hold.

At this point you should have a tray.

When you set the tray on top of the JÄLL you will notice that it does not straight because of how the hampered was designed to close.  This will be fix by that fifth poplar board.  Just measure it to 18" and set it aside to attach to the bottom for later. Now you are ready to stain.  Continue to Part 2.

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