Friday, March 22, 2013

Mint Mint and More Mint- Mint Bathroom Color Choice

It's decided.  My bathroom is going to become mint.  We decided on Sherwin Williams Fleeting Green.  There were many colors, but in the end that one had the perfect mix of blue and green that doesn't stand out too loudly against the tile in the bathroom.

 Color match of Sherwin Williams SW6455 Fleeting Green*

Fleeting Green. There you have it folks.  A side note, I have also fallen in love with a certain duvet at West Elm which was also a deciding factor to the mint color we chose.  The West Elm Pin Tucked Duvet in Oceania.  It's the slightly darker version of SW Fleeting Green.  I will know 100% after this weekend if that duvet is the one, but right now I am thinking it is.  AND it's on sale.  So, even though I do not have my new bed yet, no time to waste when it comes to sales.

New Organic Cotton Pintuck, Duvet, King, Oceania

Oh man am I excited. To hell with working on those french doors, this is way more exciting.This is to be continued after this weekend I am thinking.  Also I am thinking I will be at SW early and need to figure out something for the window in my bathroom finally.  Too long has it been naked and I'm just sick of it.

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