Saturday, March 2, 2013

Navy Chevron Rug & Navy Inspired Mood Board

This week I received my navy blue and white chevron rug I ordered from  I hopefully come May I will have new chairs reupholstered and be able to move everything out into the living room for one last go around at trying to make it what I have envisioned since we moved in a little over three years ago.  Right now I am just trying to decided if I want to take the time off and paint the entire area.

*Gasp*  I know, repainting the the entire area.  It wasn't that long that I painted the majority of the living room blue.  And you're probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me, I know Andy is.  The thing is this, I love my blue but I hate the other color, botany beige.  It's what came with the house and the paint lacks in several different ways.  So I have my kitchen in that beige color and my ceilings and the remainder of my living room.  I hate it.  So do I take the time to paint the whole area one uniform color?  With a new sofa, rug and chairs, the answer seems like an easy YES to me.  It might involve taking one or two days off of work, but I will get it done and taken care of.  And i can have a blue living room in my next space since I want to have something cute with character.

This is the color pallet I've been obsessing about.


This is my vision.
 And I am thinking this all might be possible.  I just need to find a chair or two, convince Andy that I am not crazy for repainting the room and decide if those pillows with their white crispness are a good idea with a dog and a cat.  I am thinking no- but a girl can have have a vision right?  The pillows probably have to be switched out because they will not be practical and I know this.  Maybe something like this.

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