Monday, April 1, 2013

Navy Trellis Rug & An Update

Couple of quick things:

1. This week is Round Top.  It's a flea market about an hour from my place and it's all week long.  I will be there on Friday::I'm terribly excited::

2. I found a rug for my bathroom.  Originally I was agreeing with my co-worker and was going with yellow, but it's hard to find a runner with yellow in it that is affordable.  I decided to go with my first choice, navy.  I know it will look nice, there are more options AND I know I will get more use out of it versus yellow.  I went with the Navy Trellis Rug from

 I'm happy.
3. I am obsessing with triangle finds on  I will have to share my finds and my newest geometric crush- the triangle later this week, I am homework to work on.

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