Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Start of Summer Break & Neutral SW Colors

It's official.  School is done until Fall.  Yes, YES & HELL YES.  Let the projects commence!  I Think I will start off with a trip to the Williams Sonoma outlet store this weekend.  Sure it's mother's day this Sunday and the whole reason I am going up that way is to see my mom and family, but a little stop won't hurt anyone. 

I need a paint color for my dining room.  A new color for the living-room/kitchen/breakfast nook.  I am waiting for a sale on West Elm Upholstery.  I have big plans for the backyard which involves some pea gravel.  There's the bathroom pizazz, some vacation and a coffee table I need to come up with.  I'm still looking for the perfect mirror for the dining room.  Then, there are the ever looming french doors which my father-in-law said he will help with.

Yep, seems like a full plate.  Bring it baby.

After reviewing some colors I have in my special notebook full of colors, I am starting to think that I should throw SherwinWilliams Intellectual Gray up on the dining room wall.  It was the color in my old bathroom and I think that it might be the answer for the dining room. 

Maybe a shade lighter since the area has next to nothing with natural light.  This would be Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray.  Both colors have a nice green hue to them.

Whatever the color might be, it will need to transition well with my newly chosen living room color scheme which I am going to call International Cabin.  Since West Elm chairs are what I can afford, a more calm, modern, neutral tone I shall take on.  It will be enhanced by my collection of worldly items.  So here are the colors I am tossing around.


Yeah big difference from the deep blue that curently lives on my living room wall.  It's Sherwin Williams Tempe Star and I love it so.  The color will be missed.


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