Monday, May 27, 2013

West Elm Outlet Finds

Andy and I agree, for now on instead of me texting him photos while he sits with Prince in the car, we're just going to drop the dog at my folks and hit the Pottery Barn Outlet Mega Store.  There were so many great deals, but it was hard to sort through all of it alone.  The larger purchases really required more than 1 set of eyes.  This weekend  I came home with a lamp and a mirror and I couldn't be happier.  There was more, many many more items.  But like I said before, the trick is to get there right when it opens so you are guaranteed a shopping basket and space to move around.  We showed up two hours after opening on a holiday weekend, bad idea.  So yeah, for next time we now have a better plan.

Here are some items I found and didn't bring home:

 Stia 6 drawer dresser, $1199. 
There were three at the store for $249 each.  Yep, palm meet forehead.

Yellow Perch Table Lamp, $69.00
Detailed View
I found two for $39.99 each plus an additional 15%.  Cute, but where would they go?

White Morton Table Lamp, $149.00
I purchased this lamp for $66 after tax. It's rocking out in my living room now.

White Mid-Century Mid Century Night Stand, $249

  $125 each.  I didn't purchase them since I do not know the height of my new bed.

And then there was the story of this, the Fretwork Mirror

Ladies and gentlemen, retailed at $300, this mirror went for $50 at the store.  It now lives in my dining room.  BOOM!  POW! YES IN DEEDY!

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