Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SW Dining Room Paint Color Ramble

Is it Wednesday already?  Crap this week is moving ahead.  I know for most of the Houston area today marks the last day of school.  For me, today marks the start of easy-going morning traffic.  This is probably the most exciting news I’ve had all week.  Well, besides the Sherwin Williams coupon I have sitting in my inbox which might as well just rot there.
I’ve been meaning to head over to my local SW store and purchase two samples for my dining room.  I liked Intellectual Gray so much in my master bath that I went ahead and painted two small samples sections on the dining room wall.  The color is too dark, so I am seriously considering Worldy Gray or Amazing Gray.  I know I've mentioned this before.  I can't count how many times I've rambled on about choosing a color for the dining room & hallway.  Nor can I remember how many times I have said it will be done this summer. 

I just know I am sick of looking at the beige walls.  I also know I want something with a green undertone.  I just need to pick a color and get it done.  But dudes, I am tired.  So instead of being proactive, I'm just going to keep on rambling.  The tiredness and lack of motivation are too overwhelming.  So here we go again, more painted walls other people have accomplished!
Here is a wall in Worldy Gray via Emily Clark

And here is Brunch at Saks using Amazing Gray

The bad thing about internet photos is that they are always different from the acutal paint swatch.  Here is the color from the SW Website that I used in a post a couple of weeks back.  This would be Amazing Gray.  Here I think it has a red undertone.  The paint swatch, green.

Almost the same huh?  Just a little darker.  Obviously, the only way to solve the mystery is to purchased some more samples to add to my sample  collection and see how they look.  Maybe this weekend I'll cross the Barker Cypress bridge and take care of that.  Or then again, it could all foil and I do nothing this weekend again.  Guess we shall see what transpires over the remainder of the week.

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