Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meet Toby, Our Newest Edition

I would like to introduce to you Toby, our new little black and white boy.

So far everything has been pretty good considering we are introducing another male dog into our household.  Monday will be the true test since it will be the first day that Andy and I are not in the house for the majority of the day.  We've only had 3 accidents, so today I am going out to get a belly band.  It goes around the mid section.  By probably by next weekend I will have a review up about the product because I know there are people out there who like us, want to rescue another dog but do not want to see this rescue declare the whole house his.  So will will just have to see.

Outside of Toby, there has been nothing else.  I was going to start painting this weekend, however there was Toby.  I thought about working in the yard, but there was Toby.  The only think I've managed to get done is clean the house and hang out with Prince and Toby.  Oh and I did get my bangs trimmed.  So I guess you can say it's been one of those weekends, especially since we woke up to rain this morning which is always awesome.

And of course there was the new IKEA catalog this week.  Which, how sexy is that new green IKEA Stockholm sofa?  It totally makes me rethink inheriting the brown Petrie Sofa and going to color route I am going in the living room.  This sofa is hot.

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