Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY: Easy Origami Mobile

I was looking through the new IKEA catalog online when I found my next inspiration.  Then I found more inspiration on Pinterest.  Then I acquired a 40% off coupon for Michael's (or two) and decided to make this my own this weekend.  So here it goes.

To complete this project you will need the following:
5 x 5 Origami Paper
Clear Sewing Thread
Long Needle
Crip Beads
A dowel in your preferred shape & depth
Screw Eyes that correspond to the size of your dowel
Yarn, hemp or something to hang it with.

First things first, acquire some Origami paper.  Micheal's Arts & Crafts store and Hobby Lobby sell the paper as well as the clear string and long needles if you do not have them on hand.  Also you will need a dowel rod and screw eyes which can be picked up at your local hardware store like Lowe's.

Next go to this link and watch and learn.  There are typed instructions or videos there for you to follow.  I also recommend checking out the website to learn the origami square and some origami basics.  I sat down with a gin and tonic and just went to town. Before I knew it, I had 13 little origami cranes on my coffee table.

Now its time to string them up.  Thread your needle with the desired lenght of clear thread.  Tie a knot at the end just to keep the thread from slipping out.  Following this, string a crimp bead to the desired location on the string and crimp it.  You want to make sure you are crimping the thread as close as you can to the middle of the crimp bead to prevent it from slipping out.

Once your crimp bead is secured in place, it's time to slide an origami crane into place.  Pierce the crane underneath where the paper naturally makes a small hole after assembling the crane.  Puncture through the crane's "back" right through the middle.
Thread another crimp bead.  Move it into place and crimp it.  Follow the same procedures for stringing a crane onto the string.  Add your desired number of cranes onto your string.  When you are done with one string, just snip the needle off and tie off your string ends.  Keep repeating the process until you have made the amount of crane strings you want.  Set them aside on a door knob or something so they do not get tangled.  Now you can construct your dowel.

Dowel are either round or square and come in different sizes.  I believe I choose one that was 7/8" and I cut it down to the lenght of a hanger.  Then I screwed in the eye screws on the ends in the center.

Add your cranes on a string to the dowel rod.  Then it's time to attach what you are using to hang the mobile with.  I used hemp the same color as the pine on the dowel rod.  You could use chain, yarn or even embroidery thread.  And there you have it, your very own simple origami mobile.

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