Saturday, August 3, 2013

Paint Color I Do's

Three coats.  Three coats of a light colored paint such as Olympic Paint, Rain Cloud  is what it's going to take to cover up my three blue walls in my living room.

I sound freaking crazy.  Who is their right mind would repaint their living room for the fourth time in four years?  Uh, this gal.  Let's do some math.  I have painted the computer room and rock out room once, the guest room twice, the guest bath twice.  So that six times I've painted that side of the house.  The living room has been painted four times, although to be fair, not the entire thing four times.  My bed room has been painted twice and my bathroom twice.  So fourteen.  I have painted fourteen times inside my house in the last four years.  And it's not even four years exactly.  It won't be four years until November.  If paint prices ever skyrocket, I am screwed.

So yes, I am staring at an Olympic Paint swatch on my wall in the color Rain Cloud and I am loving it.  I also through up Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige right next it to see how it's looking.  So far, I personally would like one to be a little darker than the other.  I think they are a little too close in color.  It's not like I am painting today or that I have to make a decision now.  I am going to continue to sit on it.  I promise that ends the paint talk for the weekend.

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