Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mid Week Update

My pub table sold- I am uber excited about that.  Not excited about finding a new table for the chairs my in-laws are giving me.  I know what I want and it's not cheap.  Tripod tables, they are sexy, more hip that a regular pedestal table and so not in my price range for the size I need. 

I present you with Exhibit A, not exactly tri-pod, way out of my price range but still desired.
Room and Board Bradshaw Table, $1199-1499

Exhibit B, also out of my price range but is geometrically hot.
Matt Blanc Tripod Table, starting at $1225

Exhibit C, I can afford it, but it's too small, I need a table top of 48"
West Elm Tripod Table, $199
And finally Exhibit D, there's not a price, so I can not even image what this would cost.  I am thinking a kidney.  My left kidney should equal the price of this table.  Damn.
Atelier Viollet Tripod Table
Tripod tables, I love them.  You need to love them.  If you find one with a top at 48" and a height of about 27-29", let me know, I don't want to sell my left kidney.

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