Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time Warp- It's Saturday?

This week, on two separate occasions, I have discussed how fast time seems to be flying.  One minute it's July next minute it's nearing to an end in November.  I must be having a lot of fun because to me the days are flying.  With every day going by so quickly and we about to sell our house and hopefully purchase a new one, I am staying on top of the game by planning and pricing out potential things we will need to purchase for our new place.

The new place will not be new, it's going to be older.  Something in a more established neighborhood with trees.  With that being said, there will need to be some updating needed.  I am not talking about knocking down walls but more cosmetic details.  Bathrooms I know will need to be updated.  I for one am all about reusing materials, freshening things up with new paint and hardware.  However, sometimes it's bad and needs to be replaced.  So cabinets are on my pricing list right now.

I love grey vanities in bathrooms.  I am thinking white subway tiles with dark grout, cork floors and a gray vanity would make a bathroom freaking sexy as hell.  Opinions?

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