Tuesday, December 3, 2013

IKEA Docksta Table Review

Saw the IKEA Docksta table a couple of months back. Thought to myself, how could I go wrong with a white Saarinen knock off for about $200? Purchased it at IKEA, managed to get it out to my car by myself (it's two boxes and my IKEA doesn't allow carts past a certain point) loaded it up and brought it home. We assemble the table to go into the breakfast nook with my antique cafe chairs Andy's parents had given me.

Needless to say, it's a piece of crap. It wobbles terribly. The best part? I can not even unscrew the bottom nut to attempt to tightened the inner screws. It just spins and spins in place. I can not remove it at all which means I am stuck with a crappy wobbly, SHORT, Saarinen knock off table.

Or am I? I called up my IKEA and even though it is not in it's original packaging because it is broken and I can not disassemble it to bring it back to the store and it's only been a week since the original purchase, I can bring it back. So, I guess I may not be stuck with the table after all.

I have read reviews online that say the table may wobble and that it only requires a tightening of the screws, I am here to tell you that may not always be that case. It's a tempting table but, I advise you as the consumer use caution or just save up some cashola for something nicer.

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