Saturday, December 21, 2013

Time Warp- It's Saturday?

It's been a week since my last post. I know this and I can explain.  Monday was my last day of class and Tuesday we went out to dinner.  Wednesday I went shopping, Thursday I also did nothing and Friday I took a trip to the landfill, did a little more shopping and did nothing except watch hockey and play on pinterest.  Life has been good.  The weather has been a little crazy in the last week with so many highs and lows, sun and showers.  Nothing has been going on in the garage because of this.

I hope next weekend I can post pictures of the bedroom or the dining room.  Both are "done" and can be shared however they are in total disarray because of finals, the holidays and life events.  I also also starting to think that the dining table might need other table linens besides the ones present.

Anthropologie has nice table runners, but taking out a second mortgage on my house to afford one seems a like a bad idea during the holidays.  Leif, a new store I have discovered, also has cute/ affordable table runners.  Then there is always IKEA and Target but they are BLAH with Target being the better of the two.  For a little more cash there is CrateandBarrel and a little less West Elm with the latter being the most exciting out of those two.  

While all selections are not bad, I am starting to thinking a ombre table runner might be the thing for me.  With green of course.  Maybe some awesome stitching to go along with it?  I am thinking heck yes if I can find some time to make this happen.
Purple Ombre Table Cloth, unknown source, via Pinterest

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