Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello New Year

Preoccupied.  That is the word  I would most likely use to describe myself lately.  It also might be a word I describe myself with as the new year begins and for good reason.  I got a promotion.  Yes, I've known for at least a week but I wanted to wait until I had signed the offer letter and sealed the deal.  My new title is Community Relations Specialist.  The new gig (even though it does not start until later in January) is something that I have wanted to do for a while since it pertains directly to my major in school (Public Relations) and involves recycling and education.  So yes I am excited and I know I will be very busy at first but it will all balance out.

So, new year, new job and hopefully new projects.  In 2013 I revealed my living room, master bedroom and master bathroom. For 2014 I will finish up my dining room (which seems to be dragging), redo the computer room and complete the breakfast nook.  I also hope to fix the backyard some.  I started working on it this past spring/summer but the heat came and then the wet/ cold came so I just never really had a chance to finish what I started.  Now it's in winter mode and looks like crap.

So 2014, bring it.  I am ready.

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